Book Speaker

Picture1Looking for a speaker?

Cathy is available to provide readings from either of her books to small (or large) groups. Past readings have often been accompanied by artwork to illustrate the material.

Readings of 30–45 minutes, in and around Lawrence, Kansas, could be arranged at no cost to the group, providing there would be an opportunity for listeners to purchase her books if they wished.

Cathy would request a mileage stipend for reading to groups farther than 30 miles from Lawrence.

Cathy has provided readings over the past several years in book stores and public libraries. She has read to gatherings in homes, to book clubs and social groups, as well as making formal presentations to agencies in the form of workshops. Workshop topics have included organizational issues having to do with family keepsakes, and assembling and making sense of family history, but topics could be customized to fit the needs of the group. Workshops lasting 1-2 hours could be arranged for a fee.

For more information, or to set up a reading, contact Cathy Callen at her email address:

“A reading by Cathy herself is the best way to enjoy this book. Reading it to a good friend in a quiet room with the coffee on is a good substitute.”
—Bob McDaneld, (as posted on Amazon, in reference to Words in Rows, Poetry and Prose)