Running Out of Footprints


Running Out of Footprints

What is it about?

Running out of Footprints is the true story of three generations of the Neff family, who arrived on the scene in Kansas City in the late 1800s full of energy and potential, contributed as political, business, religious and medical leaders in the city, and then gradually disappeared into obituaries and census data. The author, a fourth generation Neff herself, came into possession of a metal box full of old letters, documents and photographs after her father’s death. The questions she asked about these keepsakes and the answers she sought and found, led to writing this collections of biographies.

Starting with an imaginary day spent hiking with her grandfather in Jackson County, Missouri, in 1892, the author blends her life and century with his. Along the way, she meets interesting people, takes some great field trips, solves some family mysteries, and reflects on her place in the scheme of things.


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