“Great title! Absolutely superb writing—Go for it!”

Honorable Mention, First Chapter of a Book-Adult Division Kansas Writer’s Association, 2010 Prose and Poetry Competition

“Cathy has written a wonderfully illuminating history of her Neff family line, discovering its roots in the distant European past, and following its migration across the eastern half of the continent to Kansas City, Missouri, where most of the story takes place.”

Ramon Powers Emeritus Secretary/Executive Director Kansas State Historical Society, 1988-2002

chet“I have been reading your chapter all morning. I really enjoyed the history and your writing. So detailed and full of life and honesty. I learned a lot about Dr. Neff and KC and KU and Pediatrics at KU. and about the care of children a hundred years ago…. I really appreciated your honest appraisal of your grandfather regarding his wife and social issues. Very interesting and very courageous on your part…. Your grandfather would be very proud of you and I think [he would have] appreciated your talent for research and writing.”

Dr. Chet Johnson, Chair, Department of Pediatrics, KUMC

“…a gorgeous printing…”

Don Pady, Archivist, Kansas Authors Club Author, “Poetry of William Allen White”

“Her writing is clean as a whistle and wonderfully edited, and her voice is consistent and very easy on the ear. Her selection and presentation of photographs is well done and, again, crisp and clean. In short, a pleasure to read; and, yes, informative.”

John M. Belmont, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics Kansas University Medical Center

“The thoroughness of your research is really remarkable. No one ever finds everything that is out there to be found, but you must be pretty close. It shows what can be done if you take the time, never stop imagining what might have been, never stop asking questions, track down every lead, read everything remotely related, talk to real people, and visit real places.”

David Levinson, Ph.D. Editor, Co-Founder of Berkshire Publishing Co-author with Emilie Piper, “One Minute a Free Woman,” and, “On the Other Side of Glory,” and others

paul“I thought it was very well written, historic, and informative. I also thought it was very introspective and surprisingly critical, which made me think of [her] more as a writer and novelist, and less of a genealogist and historian…”

Paul Erckman, M.D


“It was a dark and stormy morning in Topeka, Kansas, as I sat to resume reading of the saga of the Neff family (now at page 80), people of whom I knew nothing until recently and still have no reason to care about; but, now, people of whom I cannot know enough…”

Frank Taff, Attorney-at-Law

“I enjoyed reading it and I’m not even a Neff!”

Liz Black Author, “Buffalo Spirits”

kathy“Oh Cathy, it has arrived! I have done a Google search for the word that describes the way I feel and it simply does not exist in English. I resort to that old Yiddish standby: I’m kvelling!!! I have had an old friend sort of feeling about your manuscript as I have read and enjoyed it in pieces over time. But now–A Book! I was not prepared for the heft and beauty of it. What a fine thing this is. And how you must feel . . . I can only imagine. I love the cover. I love the font. I love your photo. I will love reading this. Thank you so much.”

Kathy Koplik, Author “The Koplik Anthology of World Linterature:a Collection of Obscure Works Which May or May Not Have Been Written by Some Pretty Famous People” (poems about lint)


“I’ve been meaning to write to you about having finished your family history, Running Out of Footprints. It’s a lovely book and very nicely written. I especially liked your “what if” scenario in which you spent a day with your grandfather Frank along Cliff Drive, with its bluff and view of the river. I liked all the photos you used, and feel they are a great plus to the work, as you provided readers with faces and images of houses and property which enhance the story and bring it home to the reader. I also liked your enthusiasm and fortitude in seeking out aspects of your story…the proposed Neff Lakes neighborhood and research on the Neff Coat of Arms. So interesting reading about Dr. Frank’s medical career and seeing toddler Catherine with her grandfather near the end of the work. You’ve done a beautiful job of capturing your family’s story…and the family is notable. All families have tales, but your family warranted this work.”

Carol Yoho, Adjunct Faculty, Washburn University, College of Arts and Sciences Art Department

“Your book is beautiful and presents itself very well, but since it is rather large in size, it was almost intimidating for me to start reading. However, I soon realized that the print is so crisp and clear and it is a pleasure to read it. I also enjoyed how I was eased into the multigenerational Neff family’s story by following you on your one-day imagined journey with your grandfather Frank in the year 1892. I like your beautiful style of writing so clear and precise. The book is well organized. It flows naturally and the reader wants to know more. You have a gift to tell a good story. The people through the generations are coming alive, the places are visible and somehow one can even feel the mood of the time. What impressed me continuously, while reading, was your research (how well organized you had to be!), how far you went to get the exact answers to your questions, the many travels you undertook…..”

Agnes Kazminski, Author “Sunrise Hill: Memoir of a Marriage”

Phyllis“I was amazed. I just couldn’t believe you would be able to write anything about your ancestors, the Neff family, that would hold my interest page after page. If the subsequent chapters are as interesting as this first one, I’m really going to enjoy the whole book.”

Phyllis Molineux (chapter one, May 2009)