Words In Rows


Words In Rows


Words in Rows, Poetry and Prose (2016) is a collection of the author’s writings, spanning 50 years. She describes it as “an autobiography in short takes.”



With a trip coming up, she went shopping for clothes.

She was a bit pudgy from her head to her toes.

She wanted to look good to herself and to others,

so she consulted the experts,

her friends and their mothers.


“Stripes make you look slimmer,

when they’re vertical, of course,

and black’s always good

when you’re large, like a horse.”

So she bought black and white stripes

for her tops and her bottom.

If they were patterned that way,

you can be sure that she got ‘em.


She went on safari and wore what she bought.

She looked like a zebra, but of course, she was not.

She was spied by a lion standing watch on a bluff,

who thought, as he sprang,

“Not a zebra, but close enough…”


            (Words in Rows, Poetry and Prose, p. 97)


“A tender and clever look at a writer’s life.” —Kirkus Reviews