Words In Rows


Words In Rows


Words in Rows, Poetry and Prose (2016) is a collection of the author’s writings, spanning 50 years. She describes it as “an autobiography in short takes.”



There are no lampposts in my neighborhood

I may need one to cling to

If gravity gets tired

And lets go of all of us


If earth loses its grip on me

And I am set free, flung upward and outward

I could hold onto my lamppost

If I had one


Scientists say some

of the moving objects in space

Are comets

And that may be true


Some may also be girls

from gazillions of galaxies

clinging to lampposts, and

trailing electrical cords behind them

like tails of comets,

their brassy prongs catching

a bit of light as stars and suns

whiz by


and the girls

eyes wide with terror and amazement

are swallowing great gulps of space

and hanging on for dear life


But, I have no lamppost

And as of this morning at breakfast

the paper still fell from the table to the floor

As our cat made a spot for herself

in the sunshine


            (Words in Rows, Poetry and Prose (2016), page 121)


“A tender and clever look at a writer’s life.” —Kirkus Reviews